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About Us

As a nonwoven fabric manufacturer, we produce disposable gowns out of soft nonwoven with latex-free elastic sleeve straps. Furthermore, we manufacture beret hoods of soft non-woven fabric as well as nonwoven materials. The latter offers versatile, cross-sector applications options such as bed linen, feminine hygiene wipes and more.
The nonwoven manufacturer Nonwoven Global S.R.L produces high-tech nonwovens using the meltblown process under the umbrella of PPE Europe in Romania. We have set up a modern test & production line in a state-of-the-art facility, which is expertly operated by trained personnel under the aspects of our certified quality management.
The new facility produces high-quality and safe nonwoven using the meltblown process with the latest generation of machines. Our dedicated team consists of experts in the field who continuously manage several production lines for reliable and sustainable production of much needed material in the medical industry.

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