"Through The Highest Certificates We Ensure Reliable Standards For Our Products"

Non-Woven Fabric Certificate 1

Protective Clothing With Electrostatic Properties (EN 1149-1:2006).

In order to protect wearers from influences not only in highly specialised facilities but in any environment, we have taken care to fully comply with this standard as well. In particular, the electrostatic properties of the protective clothing are tested.
Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturing

Liquid-Tight Protective Clothing Against Liquid Chemicals (EN 14605 TYPE PB 3-B).

This European Standard is dedicated to the specific definition of requirements to ensure safe protective clothing for end-users who, for example, wish to protect themselves reliably and comprehensively against liquid chemicals when wearing protective clothing.
Non-Woven Fabric 3

Protective Clothing Against Infectious Agents (EN 14126:2003 + AC:2004).

For medical staff as well as any contact persons such as their patients, it is extremely important to reduce infection to a maximum or to avoid it completely. Products such as protective clothing, which are made of our materials and thus have such a standard, strongly avoid infectious agents and prevent disadvantages accordingly.
Non-Woven Fabric 4

Spray-Tight Protective Clothing Against Liquid Chemicals (EN 140605:2005 + A1:2009).

In this standard, performance requirements are tested specifically for garments with regard to liquid-tight seams according to type 3. In addition, there is also a detailed examination of spray-tight seams according to type 4. Certification also requires a permeation test on the fabric against at least one class 1 chemical.
Non-Woven Fabric Certificate 5

General Requirement For Protective Clothing (EN ISO 13688:2013).

This important regulation sets the industry-wide standard in Europe for all protective clothing, not only to obtain the CE mark, which is safe for the end user, but also to ensure the standard for protective clothing in industry. Performance requirements are for example on harmlessness, ageing or compatibility of protective clothing.
Non-Woven Fabric Certificate

Protective Clothing Against Liquid Chemicals With Limited Protection (EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 TYP PB 6-B).

We strive to meet any relevant nomenclature that meets the highest possible standards within our sphere of influence to provide reliable protection for end users. Therefore, through our advanced fabrics, any end-user wearing PPE with our nonwoven fabrics can experience protection against liquid chemicals of various forms.
Non-Woven Fabric Material

Protective Clothing Against Airborne Solid Particles (EN ISO 13982-2:2004) TYPE 5.

In this internationally valid standard, an accurate test procedure takes place to determine the penetration of aerosols of fine particles. This particular method explicitly tests suits (protective clothing) to determine results on the barrier effect of chemical protective clothing against aerosols from dry, fine dusts.